Our Group

CHUNG KEU GROUP is the collective name of Chung Keu Enterprise Sdn Bhd and all of its subsidiaries as well as associates.

The history of CHUNG KEU GROUP began in the year 1978 and was founded by Mr. Louis C.S Lim for the establishment of Chung Keu Enterprise Sdn Bhd, which has grown to be one the of leading stationery manufacturers, distributor and exporter.

Chung Keu Enterprise Sdn Bhd is the first stationery company established by Mr. Louis C.S Lim after seeing the importance of developing a locally owned stationery brand as most of the stationery brands at the time were from the foreign market. The company still continues to grow and introduce an extensive range of quality stationery products at reasonable prices to meet the diverse needs of all levels of people.

Currently, The Company is managed by Mr. Louis Lim with assistance from his second son Mr. C.H Lim as the Purchaser Manager together with the help of a dedicated and experienced Sales Manager Mr. K.S Chua.

The Export Division is managed by Chung Keu Marketing Sdn Bhd which focuses on export businesses for CHUNG KEU GROUP. Most of our overseas customers hail from countries in the South East Asia, Middle East and South Africa.

Chung Boon Enterprise Sdn Bhd was founded by Mr. L.H. Kuah and later merged with the CHUNG KEU GROUP. Under Mr. Kuah’s leadership, Chung Boon Enterprise Sdn Bhd (CBE) has become one of the leading manufacturers majoring in filing products in Malaysia. The key success of CBE is reasonable pricing matched with customer service satisfaction. CBE is always observing current trends and consumer's needs. Thus, all CBE products are carefully designed and are clearly diversified to suit various users.
Due to the high demands for office stationery from the local market in year 1990, CHUNG KEU GROUP began its involvement in manufacturing KA MUN PLASTIC SDN BHD which was managed by the second son of Mr. L.H Kuah. Currently, the factory’s production process utilises the latest technology and uses polypropylene machine in ensuring high quality and reliability always.

In the year 1995, CHUNG KEU GROUP invested in a new company called MPP Trade Corporation Sdn Bhd which supplies premiums and souvenirs for the F&B industry in the domestic market. The key success of this company lies solely on its General Manager, Mr William Song who has more 15 years experience and has developed a very good repertoire in F&B industry.

MKP Trade Corporation Sdn Bhd became the principal for KOKUYO Stationery products in the year 1999.This company is the first subsidiary company of Chung Keu Enterprise Sdn Bhd which sells the first recycled and environmentally friendly products.

MGM Stationery Products Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of MPP Trade Corporation Sdn Bhd which focuses on writing instruments for the local and export market and is managed by both Mr. William Song and Mr. C.H Lim.